Powdered Cellulose


Powdered cellulose, or MARK-ARBOCEL, is a plant-based functional filler. The human body does not digest powdered cellulose because it is chemically inert. It has no functional caloric value since it is not digested. It is frequently used by formulators as a lactose substitute. The binding qualities of MARK-ARBOCEL, as well as the natural fibre structure, result in sturdy tablets with low friability.

MARK-ARBOCEL comes in a variety of grades. MARK-ARBOCEL A300 is a coarse granular grade with excellent flow, whereas M80 and P290 are fine, fibrous grades with superior binding qualities. All grades have a low moisture absorption rate, ensuring long shelf life.

Physical Properties

  • Purified, mechanically processed cellulose
  • Chemically inert
  • Low moisture absorption
  • Fibrous structure


  • MARK-ARBOCEL M80 and MARK-ARBOCEL P290 are recommended as replacements or complements to other fillers because of their fibrous structure and strong binding qualities.
  • Direct Compression: Because of their increased flow, MARK-ARBOCEL P290 and MARK-ARBOCEL A300 are suggested as inert fillers in direct compression formulations.
  • MARK-ARBOCEL A300 is utilised as an inert filler and flow enhancer in capsules. Handling and weight consistency are improved by excellent flow and reduced dusting.


  • Chemically and physiologically inert
  • Does not support microbial growth
  • Natural fiber structure and binding properties lead to stable tablets with low friability
  • 100 % plant derived
  • Good compressibility
  • Accelerated disintegration
  • Low residual moisture content
  • Well suited for sticky herbal extracts
  • Pesticide-free and herbicide-free
  • Free of genetically modified organisms (GMOs)

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