Natural Food Color are obtained from fruits and vegetables. These natural colours include the red from paprika fruits, yellow from turmeric roots, orange red of annatto seeds, yellow-orange from marigold flowers and green from leaves.

According to the application a suitable Natural Color can be achieved by keeping in mind the factors such as pH, heat, light, storage and the other ingredients.

All natural food colours are available in water soluble and dispersible forms for use in water based products and applications. They can also be provided in powder form. These natural colours are also available in spray dried forms for specific applications.

ColoursEEC No.
Caramel Type I Plain ( Scotch Grade )E 150 A
Caramel Type III Beer GradeE 150 C
Caramel Type IV Single StrengthE 150 D
Caramel Type IV Double StrengthE 150 D
Caramel Powder Food Grade Double StrengthE 150 D
Annatto Oil Soluble (1.5% Bixin)E 160b/75120
Annatto Water Soluble (1.5% Nor – Bixin)E 160b/75120
Annatto Nor Bixin Powder (1.5% Nor – Bixin) – (Kesar Orange / Kesar Mango)E 160 B
Turmeric Colour 5% PowderE 100/75300
Red Beet Juice Powder (0.3% to 0.45 Betanine)E 162/75470
Paprika Colour Water Soluble 40,000 i.u.E 160c
Paprika Colour Water Soluble 40,000 i.u (Powder)E 160c
Paprika Colour Oil Soluble 40,000 i.uE 160c
Chlorophyll Green colour Oil SolubleE 141/75810
Chlorophyll Green Colour Water SolubleE 141/75810
Anthocyanin Colour PowderE 163
Safflower Yellow Colour
Beta CaroteneE 160A