Aluminum Lakes are water insoluble and have a higher durability than dyes, making them suitable for colouring products with fats and oils or substances that don’t have enough moisture to dissolve dyes. They are simply pigments that are made in an aquatic environment from a primary water soluble colourant.

Markskill Lake colours include smaller particles, which aid to increase staining strength and reduce bleeding.

Application ::

Pharmaceuticals, Bakery Products, Coated and Compressed Tablets, Sugar & Fondant Icings, Wet Granulations, Oil-based Coatings, Capsules frosting sugars, Ointments, Cosmetic & Personal Care Products, Lotions Creams, Wax Coatings for Cheese, Powders Yogurts, Lipsticks, Variegating Sauces, Eyeliners & Eye Shadows, Tooth Powders, Dairy Products, Retorted Milk Products, Spice Compounds, Snack Foods, Confectionery, Dry Beverage Bases, Chewing Gum, Dessert Powders, Coated Candies, Gum Products, Wafers, Pet Foods, Cigarettes filter etc.

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