EM Compress

EM Compress


Calcium phosphates are functional fillers that don’t dissolve in water. We can use them for both direct compression and wet granulation. Our product helps all powder mixes, including APIs and plant extracts that don’t flow well. There are two grades to choose from:

  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Dihydrate (DCP dihydrate)
  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate Anhydrous (DCP dihydrate)

Physical Properties

  • Crystalline white powder.
  • Water-insoluble.
  • Bulk density is high.
  • Good flowability, round form, neutral taste.
  • Low recovery elasticity.
  • Brittle fracture causes deformation.
  • Various particle sizes are available, ranging from big particles for direct compression to fine powders for wet granulation.

EMCOMPRESS is Available in Two different Grades:

  • Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate (Anhydrous) (DCP anhydrous)
  • Dihydrate of Calcium Hydrogen Phosphate (DCP dihydrate)

Benefits of EMCOMPRESS

  • In powder combinations, direct compression grades operate as flow enhancers.
  • Allows for the creation of extremely dense and small tablets.
  • Synergistic actions with microcrystalline cellulose improve tablet toughness.
  • When opposed to plastically deforming materials, they are less sensitive to lubricants.
  • It works well with a wide range of APIs, including herbal extracts that are sticky.
  • Low strain rate sensitivity makes it ideal for high-speed tableting.
  • Organic – no risk of BSE/TSE contamination, and allergen-free
  • Chemical stability is excellent, particularly for anhydrous grades.
  • Premium grade is completely safe to eat.
  • Multiple production sites ensure high supply security.

Application of EMCOMPRESS

  • Compression directly (DC grades).
  • Granulation in water (powder grades).
  • Filling of capsules.
  • Tablets to chew.
  • APIs that are herbal and sticky.
  • Flow enhancement.
  • Density modification.
  • Capsules of soft gel.

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