Mark-Vivapharma Povidone

Mark-Vivapharma Povidone


Povidones come in a variety of molecular weights. The greater the viscosity and, as a result, the adhesive strength, the higher the molecular weight. The K-value is determined from the relative viscosity of the aqueous solution measured at 25°C and represents the polymer’s inherent viscosity in relation to its molecular weight. Because of the direct relationship between molecular weight and characteristics, the appropriate grade may be utilized in each formulation at the right concentration to produce the best results.

We provide two grades of wet binders: Povidone K25 and Povidone K30, to give formulators more options when selecting wet granulation binders with high adhesive strength and ease of handling.

Low viscosity wet binders Povidone K25 and Povidone K30 strike an excellent balance between adhesive strength and ease of handling. At 2-5 percent (Povidone K30) or 4-7 percent (Povidone K25), they are highly sticky at low viscosity, providing the ideal mix of adhesive strength and ease of handling.

Povidone K25 and Povidone K30 are free-flowing powders with spherical particle shapes with high solubility in water and various organic solvents. In the solvent of choice, this guarantees quick dispersibility and maximum flexibility. It has no chance of interfering with ionic APIs because of its non-ionic nature.

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