Acid dyes are used in the dyeing and coloring process of protein and animal fibers (such as wool, nylon, textiles and silk). They have high washing fastness and provide the best color quality. We have a great demand for acid dyes, and they are widely used in textile printing and dyeing, printing, leather, wool coating and ink industries. The complex composition of acid dyes, larger aromatic molecules and water-soluble anionic properties can enhance their solubility and help them adhere well to the cationic groups in the fiber, thus having a lasting effect.

As a famous manufacturer and exporter of acid pigments, we are committed to providing the highest quality acid pigments and the best industry standards. Our pigments are carefully processed using high-quality compounds and advanced technology. These acid dyes are available in brown, black, yellow, orange, red, purple, green, blue and many other basic and advanced colors, with a uniform formula, a long shelf life and various packaging options in bags, boxes or barrels . The dyes produced by our quality control department have been tested in our first-class laboratory using the latest equipment. Our acid dyes are of excellent quality and are compatible with methods for testing acid dyes for light resistance, washing resistance and heat resistance. It is easy to use, safe and will not fade when washed frequently. These dyes are provided to our customers at the best prices in the industry.