Brown Seaweed Hydrocolloid is a natural hydrocolloid extracted from the seaweed.

Alginates – Sodium Alginate

Sodium Alginate is a thickening, suspending, disintegrating, and controlled release agent.

Alginates – Calcium Alginate

Calcium Alginate is primarily utilized as a disintegrant and dispersant with emulsifying properties.

Alginates – Alginic Alginate

Due to its beneficial qualities, such as biocompatibility and non-toxicity, Alginic Alginate is developed for wound-care applications.

Key Benefits & Applications

Due to its ability of viscosity, gelling, and film-forming characteristics under a range of situations, alginate is one of the most versatile hydrocolloids. A crucial feature is the capacity to dissolve and build up gels without heating them and the ability to regulate gel setting time extremely accurately by controlling calcium release with sequestrants. Alginates’ flexibility is evident in the wide range of applications they are used in, from technical to food and medicines.

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