• Phenalkamines are obtained from CASHEW NUT SHELL LIQUID (CNSL), which is a renewable natural resource. CNSL is a monohydroxy. Phenol having a long hydrocarbon Chain, the meta position. The unique properties of CNSL are used to develop Phenaldamines.
  • Phenalkamines (curing agents) based on cardanol have unique advantages over some traditional chemistries. The different grades vary in the viscosity, molecular weight, amine value, and solid content. These products are manufactured to extracting specifications, are used to diverse applications, including coating (Protective, Marine, Floor, Industrial), adhesives and laminates, low temperature curing agents, low VOC, corrosion protection and high performance in adverse environmental conditions.
  • Phenalkamines are a class of curing agents that exhibits outstanding performance in epoxy systems, Phenalkamines provide excellent corrosion protection and adhesion, great mechanical and chemical properties and fast cure at low temperatures; excellent thermal shock resistance, construction, transportation, industrial paint manufacturers and electronics adhesive formulators can take advantage of these properties for a better formula.