Food coloring is used in food for many purposes. Due to the high content of processed foods on the market, colorants must be used to make them safe, attractive, and even extend the shelf life of the product. The food coloring we developed is completely safe to eat. From natural chemicals such as carotenoids, dark red, yellow and orange colors can be obtained.

These colors are water-soluble dyes, which are widely used in the pharmaceutical and food industries, and are used in candy, bakery, cakes and candies, biscuits, cereals, soft drinks, beverages, jams, jellies, custards, jellies, pudding powder, and cherry dyeing. , Ketchup, sauces and other foods, canned food, soda water.

We have a well-equipped laboratory to control the quality of food coloring and raw materials. Through proper quality control and research, we can meet the specific requirements of our clients.