We offer range of epoxy curing agents of products that are R&D driven and customizable.
We have partnered with India based Manufacturer Vijai Poly Products Pvt Ltd and represent them in Europe, North America and Latin America. The products are as under that we can customize to match your specifications exactly;

Phenalkamine Adduct
We have partnered with India based Manufacturer Vijai Poly products and following is brief introduction on the manufacturer and on the products.

We Produce:

Phenalkamines are a distinct range of natural epoxy curing agents that provide a speedy cure, even at low temperatures (<40 F or 5 C), with a great workable pot life. They have excellent resistance to moisture during cure and offer good chemical resistance and flexibility. These unique properties make them an excellent choice for marine and offshore coatings, solvent-free industrial floor coatings, railcar and agricultural/construction equipment coatings, portable water coatings, and tank and pine linings. They are also used for adhesive, automobile, and electrical potting applications. Phenalkamine Adducts are a unique type of epoxy curing agents based on the latest modified phenalkamine technology. These products exhibit extremely rapid cure even at low temperatures with a workable pot life. It allows applications of 2 coats per day at low temperatures as little as 5 C. Adducts will also not give blush formation as the primary amines are partially cross-linked with epoxy resins. Adducts also give more chemical resistance property as these products have more molecular weight than the precursor.

Phenalkamides are designed to provide coating formulators with the benefits of both polyamides and phenalkamines in one product. Phenalkamides have the excellent fast curing and corrosion protection properties of phenalkamines, but with improved flexibility, overcoat window, and color stability that are typical of polyamides. These balanced properties enable the use of one workhorse curing agent for multiple applications in marine, offshore, protective, and industrial coatings.