Phenalkamines cure fast at room and low temperatures and have outstanding mechanical properties. Fast bond strength development at low temperatures makes phenalkamine suitable for year-round construction and building adhesives such as grouts, concrete patching compounds, rapid set repair, and maintenance adhesives. These products also offer epoxy construction and building adhesives with the excellent mechanical strength and high Tg required to withstand external stresses during service.

Adhesive materials are exposed to moisture at all times. Absorption of moisture by adhesives can weaken their strength and ultimately result in failure of the material. The phenalkamines provide outstanding moisture resistance and surface tolerance for wet substrates, which is an inherent benefit of CNSL technology that ensures structural bonds stay strong throughout the lifetime of the adhesive.

Phenalkamides also offers excellent properties as adhesives because they delivers fast bond-strength development combined with excellent mechanical properties such as high tensile, flexural, and compressive strength. Adhesives based on Phenalkamides give longer pot-life with extended pot life and outstanding bond strengths to various substrates. They also provide good Tg compare to phenalkamines.