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Phenalkamine curing agents

Shipyard paint decks, ballast tanks, superstructures above water and under water parts are exposed under aggressive conditions. Marine coatings formulators are also challenged by environmental issues. There is also the need to reduce cost of application without losing quality. Phenalkamine are used as universal primers for all the parts of ships which saves cost and reduces complexity of application.

We work closely with our global customer base to get a better understanding of their requirements and can thus deliver effective solutions. Due to extensive research and customer centric approach we have been able to develop market-leading marine coatings using sustainable advances and innovations to maximize our customers’ return on investment.

Our global operations and trusted products enable us to anticipate and meet the challenges of the worldwide coatings industry, making us a reliable business partner. Our Marine Coatings are meant for new-build vessels, dry dock situations, inland marine applications and maintenance done at sea. We employ break-through technology, eliminating slime problems and boosting fuel savings. This improves operational effectiveness and profitability of the vessel.

With Marine Coating, for the protection of Ships, heavy duty and general industrial protective coating are required. Phenalkamine curing agents are strong contenders to meet these demanding requirement.

Phenalkamine primers show excellent anti corrosion properties compared to conventional polyamide technology. Salt spray test after 750 hours are compared with polyamide. Markskill’s Phenalkamine curing agents formulates antifouling coating with epoxy systems there by reduces fuel consumptions of ships.

Advantages of Markskill’s Phenalkamine curing agents for Marine Coating

  • Fast and low temperature cure with workable pot life.
  • Provides better anticorrosive coatings on ballast tanks by repelling water from the coated surfaces.
  • Very low VOC formulations.
  • Replacement of coal tar epoxies.
  • Cost effective coatings.
  • Provide antifouling coatings for further cost reduction.

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