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Legacy of trust and commitment.

We are in the business of creating the values for our customers and ourselves. We represent over 25 manufactures from Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, India, Israel, and the USA in Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, and renewable energy products.

Our product ranges are Bulk Drugs, Drugs -intermediates, Excipients, Specialty chemicals, Paint chemicals, and Renewable products such as solar panels.

Our core competency is in having an excellent established network of suppliers and buyers across the globe that is committed to maintaining high-performance standards. Accompanied by our goodwill, knowledge of various products and expertise in dealing facilitate us to procure the right product at the right time with competitive price and quality.

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“To be leading international business players and the most reliable and expert trade partner of manufacturers and customers across the globe.”


“To be an ace provider of quality products and services with multi-level expertise in products and commercials.”

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Valued to the core.

At Markskill, we have implanted high values in what we think and do.

People are our greatest assets, and each of our team members is unique and valued. The team is passionate, innovative, and full of entrepreneurship. We encourage free-thinking, thinking differently, and experimenting. The core values taught in the organization and our investment in the group has inspired them to invest in quality output. The carefully selected team members with the right attitude always deliver products and services to exceed our customers’ expectations.

Work-life at Markskill is beyond description or explanation. It is something to be experienced and cherished. We encourage constant up-gradation and enhancement in the skills: knowledge and the services we offer. There are also fun activities to ease the senses and the mind.

Customer satisfaction and customer-centric approach are at the core of Markskill. We have high standards of customer-centric dealings. We continually strive to beat our records by exceeding customers’ expectations. We excel in delivering excellent quality products at the most competitive price. Our success rests on these standards and values we practice and teach in our team, products, and services.

Customer satisfaction at Markskill has stood the test of time. Our customer-centric approach has earned many repeats and long term customers. It is a matter of pride that most of our customers stay with us for years, and we cater to their needs every time with the same enthusiasm and focus.

At Markskill, we have successfully implanted the core values of: 

  1. Customer satisfaction and customer focus dealings
  2. Diversity in business offerings
  3. Passionate, enthusiastic and dedicated team members
  4. Integrity in whatever we say think and do
  5. Having fun and enjoying what we do
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Strategic Objectives

Our strategic objectives are not formed of high sounding words or complex jargon but on simple note of total customer satisfaction and customer-centric approach in all the dealings. We have been successful in retaining talents on board as well as retaining many good clients.

Customers are the partners of our success and we are happy to have quality customers and repeat customers in the years we have traveled in the trading industry.

We strive for:

  • 100% transparency in all dealings and winning 100% trust of all the stakeholders we deal with.
  • To cater to quality customers and retaining them with abundant goodwill.
  • To develop and strengthen business relationships across the 5 continents.